N.R.I. Woman


NRI Woman began as a Facebook page in 2016 by two close friends, Bettina Tauro and Ninorah Brookshire. Both Indians by birth but living outside of India. It began with the intention of starting conversations with other like-minded women around the world. NRI Woman is the first platform of its kind where we discuss different topics, share our journeys and stories of inspirational women. Eventually, this was not enough. Aspirations ran high and in one of the conversations we discussed women should be heard and not just read about, thus NRI Woman Podcast came along.

About the hosts.

Bettina Tauro
Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Bettina moved to the UAE in 2002 for work. With a background in marketing and advertising experience, she set up a boutique branding and marketing agency – brandform, with her husband Ramesh. She is currently semi-involved with the business opting to take time off to raise her young children. She has the ability to retain random information which comes in handy every now and then. She believes the world now is about those who create and those who consume. After being part of mostly the latter for a long time she now wants to shift the balance to the former or at least the middle. The podcast is the first step towards that. She loves food, travel, working out and constantly learning.

Ninorah Fernandes Brookshire
Indian by birth but born and grown up in Dubai, UAE, she’s lived most of her adult life in NYC, a brief 4 yr stay back in Dubai in 2014 and now living in Miami, FL with her family. She and husband Edward are founders of Naya Jeevan Foundation, a charity organization, based in NYC that helps women and girls rescued from Sex Trafficking in India. She also owns NindiBindis, a small home business, where she makes one of a kind ornate metal Bindis (forehead bling) that transpired from her love for Tribal Belly Dance. She considers her laughter to be her biggest asset. It’s the cheapest form of therapy she says! She has walked the Chadar River in the Zanskar Valley, Ladakh, India, for 10 days straight, in frigid temperatures (enough to send shivers down your spine), to raise money for a school that will be built for underprivileged children and she’s completed the 21.1 K Ladakh Marathon in someone else’s shoes, literally! She loves new challenges, travel, scented candles, Oudh, Bollywood dancing, and her ethnic wear. With a bindi in tow, she hopes to conquer the Podcasting world!

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