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A Guide for Women Struggling to Cope with COVID-Related Life Changes

COVID-19 has changed lives around the world. According to the United Nations, the effects of such a crisis are rarely gender-neutral. The pandemic is no exception, with women more drastically affected than men. If you are struggling with COVID’s impact, other female experiences may inspire you. NRI Woman is committed to sharing such stories, creating a strong support network for women. This guide explains how women can take COVID changes and harness them for good.

Miss the gym? Discover a new passion for fitness with home workouts.

Your gym may have closed due to COVID restrictions, or you may have simply avoided your local fitness facility due to worries about infection. Consider taking advantage of the situation and developing a regular home workout routine. Skipping the gym membership will ultimately save you money. Self has a list of at-home workout programs you can try instead, including Alo Moves, P.Volve, and Obe Fitness. Switching it up can also give you renewed motivation to work out. There’s nothing worse than a monotonous fitness routine.

Wish you could eat at a restaurant? Take the opportunity to learn cooking.

Many food businesses were also closed due to COVID and you’ve likely been eating at home more as a result. Although restrictions are loosening, it’s something worth continuing. You can save money and enjoy healthier meals since you’ll be able to control every ingredient that goes into your cooking. Thrillist provides a roundup of culinary channels you can watch on YouTube to improve your skills. As an added bonus, think of the fabulous dinner parties you’ll be able to host once social distancing restrictions ease.

Lost your job? Consider making a positive career change.

Many people lost their jobs in the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as the economy has recovered, there are fewer jobs available than before. If you’re struggling to find employment in this more competitive environment, it may be time to change tactics. You could consider setting up your own business, for example, or looking for remote work online. If you aren’t sure what direction to take your career in, consider career counseling services. You can find qualified professionals for hire on platforms like Upwork.

Feeling isolated at home? Look for ways to connect long-distance.

The social distancing requirements of the COVID-19 pandemic also made it more difficult to see friends and family, even those living close by. While this isolation was difficult, you likely found ways to connect with loved ones remotely, such as Zoom video calls. Continue the trend of using technology to stay in touch with people who may not be located in your city. Wired offers an innovative list of ideas, from having a socially distanced movie night to starting a remote book club. You can also go old school and simply write handwritten letters. Check out Etsy for cute stationery to inspire you.

Struggling with remote learning kids? Expand your child care network.

Trying to get your own work done while also overseeing kids who are remote learning is tough. Don’t hesitate to ask for help! The BBC reports that women may be able to use the unique environment created by COVID-19 as a catalyst for positive evolution when it comes to gender inequality at home. Ask your partner to step up. You can also look to other family members for support. Distributing child care more evenly will lessen the burden on your shoulders — something to strive for in the long term, not just during a global pandemic.

Whatever hurdles you are facing throughout COVID-19, try to look for lasting solutions that will benefit you in the big picture, instead of pandemic-related quick fixes. Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration in the above guide.

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Written by Jennifer Scott