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A Fractured Life: Shabnam Samuel #32

Shabnam Samuel from Frederick, Maryland is a woman of many talents with a number of accomplishments under her belt. She is a writer, author, business coach, social media trainer and a mum.

She talks candidly about her life to us, After being abandoned by her parents, Shabnam was taken care of by her maternal grandparents but knew nothing else outside of that lifestyle. At age, 27, She moved to the US with an estranged husband and 3-year-old son, having to raise the child all by herself, carve a niche for her family and find herself in a country she knew nothing of.

From being a girl to a woman, her struggles, trials and tribulations speak volumes in this first episode of our season 3, of NRIWoman Podcast. How did she find the voice she never had growing up and the strength to move on? She is our strong and fearless NRIWoman author and founder of The Panchgani Writers Retreat, who tells the world of her stories in her memoir ‘A fractured life’.

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