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A Shamanic Life: Anahata Meher #59

Anahata Meher is a Shamanic practitioner based in Goa. Before finding Shamanism, she was a city brat living a comfortable life with no worries or ambition. Despite having all the comforts, Anahata found that she was angry all the time, to the extent that her husband suggested she seek help to manage the anger. She sought help from a hypnotherapist, but it was a trip to the mountains that truly changed her life. It was here that her journey of seeking began and led her to Shamanism which she believes changed her very existence.

Shamanism recognises and honours three worlds: the lower world, where one connects with mother Earth and the animal spirit guides. The middle world, which is one’s reality and the upper world, which is the home of the celestial and spirit guides; a Shaman travels through these three levels to heal. One experiences healing through energies present in nature like plants, humans, crystals and stones. Anahata is a Shamanic healer and this is her mystical and magical story!

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