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Forgiveness and Acceptance: Mehek Gidwani #43

Addiction is a progressive mental illness. Mehek Gidwani shares her story of addiction, recovery and now living a sober life. She was born and raised in Hong Kong and had her first interaction with alcohol and drugs at the tender age of thirteen. The drug didn’t seem like a drug. It was a natural thing found around the house. What started as a fun, exhilarating experience and way to fit in with friends quickly progressed to full-blown addiction by the age of fifteen.

She was torn, one part of her wanting help, wanting to get better, and the other part was utterly fighting and trying to push it away. Rehab became a huge turning point in her life. Her values, how she viewed the world, her relationship with herself completely changed and she was able to forgive herself and come to a place of acceptance. Today she works as a Holistic Addiction Recovery Coach supporting people who are in recovery from addiction.

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