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Amsterdam Ave.: Pooja Tripathi #62

Pooja Tripathi is a first-generation Indian American actor, filmmaker and violinist based in New York City. She grew up in Pittsburgh & NYC, and studied at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Pooja is the co-creator of new Dutch American dramedy series Amsterdam Avewhich was created by a 90% female crew and takes place in The Netherlands and NYC. Having a predominantly female crew was an intentional choice as she believes, the industry does not provide enough opportunities for women in filmmaking.

Even though Pooja has played the violin since she was three, Pooja never thought herself to be an artist. She grew up thinking she would have a stable corporate career and dabble in arts as a hobby. After working at corporate jobs in top fashion houses, Pooja realized she was unhappy. She found the courage to quit and get into filmmaking with the help of her friend Dionne. Today, Pooja considers herself an artist first, and this is Pooja’s charming story of letting the artist in her shine!

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This episode is edited by Eric Heidbreder

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