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Anxiety, depression & bubbles! Sharon Bender #012

Sharon Bender has moved countries three times in two years with two children under the age of four. She is now settled and considers South Africa home. She is a single parent, loves even numbers, dreams of becoming a teacher someday and suffers from anxiety and clinical depression.

On this episode of the podcast, Sharon candidly shares her journey through anxiety and depression. The beginning, how she came to terms with it and how she copes, every day. She also shares why it’s crucial for her to share her story.

She wants women who are in a situation like her to find comfort and know that she has been through it and felt the way they have silently.

If you are hurting and need help, please reach out to your family and friends. Should you need someone else to reach out to, we’ve listed below helpline numbers from across the world.

Sharon wishes that we can one day have a conversation about mental health issues as we do about bubbles, without stigma!

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