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In stillness the world is restored: Sonia Anand #21

Sonia Anand believes stillness is the key to restoring the balance within ourselves and on a larger scale the world. She thinks when the organic beauty of our soul evolves through gentle practices we automatically begin to radiate love health and positivity to the universe.

Sonia was like most of us, wearing many hats at the same time. From raising her young kids, managing the home to juggling her corporate job, Sonia felt like she was being pulled in ten different directions at the same time. This overly scheduled and hard life left her feeling physically exhausted most of the time. It reached a point where she was so stressed with the daily routine that she thought she couldn’t take it anymore. It was at this point she was diagnosed with depression. She sought the necessary treatment needed to help her get on track, but she also knew she needed something more.

She decided to explore Yoga to help her cope with the depression. That decision changed the course of her life. She eventually went on to give up her corporate career and decided to pursue life as a Yoga teacher and Acharya or spiritual leader. She hasn’t looked back since. She has found a connection with her inner-self through yoga, meditation and stillness and she hopes that in sharing the skills she learnt, will help others connect with themselves.

She is our NRI Woman, and this is her story. Until next time, keep learning, keep inspiring and be kind!

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