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Invest in your mind, invest in your health, invest in yourself: Sandi Saxsena # 24

Sandi Saxsena, our guest today played the role of a supporting spouse in all aspects of her family except financial planning. She was focused on the children as they grew up and her husband met all the wants and needs of the family. That is, until one day, they hit financial challenges.

Sandi had to step out into the working world for the first time at 44 with no prior work experience. Sandi did not let that stop her. She kept her faith and focus on finding a job, and she did as a financial consultant. Now 20 plus years on, she has gone on to pay off the debts and secure her future. She is completely independent and lives life on her terms.

She believes every woman whether one is working or not is responsible for their financial future and she shares her insights on how one can start on that path.

She’s our NRI Woman, and this is her story!

Until next time, keep learning, keep inspiring and be kind.

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