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Too Blessed to be Stressed: Gulshan Kavarana #41

Gulshan Kavarana is the founding member of SFS – Special Families Support group – a support group for families with children with special needs and an art mentor at Mawaheb, an art studio for adults with special needs.

Zara, her younger daughter, was diagnosed with Dravet’s syndrome before the age of one. At the time Gulshan desperately tried to seek advice from others who may have been in a similar situation like hers, but she couldn’t find a network. So she set up SFS, a place where others like her could find support, seek advice and even have fun.

Gulshan shares her journey of how she got from denial to acceptance and why she thinks she’s now at a stage, where she considers her life to be too blessed to be stressed.

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1 thought on “Too Blessed to be Stressed: Gulshan Kavarana #41

  1. Dear Gulshan,
    I listened to your whole video. Yes I am interested I what you are doing. I have taught normal and a few special children for over thirty years. I have joined an organization which encourages children with special needs ,in training them in sports activities especially handball.After interacting them, I was amazed at how talented and determine these children can be.
    If you know of any child who can be trained or a school whom we can take under our wing, it would give the organization great honor and happiness.
    Through sports we can change their lives in many ways.
    I for one wouldn’t mind teaching some of these special children. I just love them.Please do keep in touch.My email I’d is

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