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Unfair is lovely too: Anu Kumar #56

“Don’t you have long sleeves you can wear while you’re outside?”, “I brought a new brightening face scrub for you to try.”, “Try not to stay in the sun too long, you’ll get dark.” South Asian kids listen to these kinds of comments all the time. And not from outsiders but people close to our hearts.

This was also the case for Anu Kumar. Born in New York to Indian Immigrant parents, from Southern India, Anu moved and was raised in Knoxville, TN. Anu was confused when she realized that people, who are like her of Indian descent didn’t like their dark skin and people who are from around the world who have much lighter skin wanted to become darker.

Anu shares her story of growing up in almost two different worlds, one where her skin colour was appreciated, even desired—the other where she was constantly reminded that it was something undesirable and in need of being fixed. She talks about how she overcame Colorism, identifying and accepting her inner thoughts on this subject and working on being comfortable in her own skin.

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