N.R.I. Woman

We’re back December 2023!

After taking a break from our podcast, life took us on separate, but equally fascinating, journeys. Bettina dived headfirst into an inspiring venture called humansof2020.com, a platform that delves deep into the experiences that not only transformed our lives but also reshaped the world during that pivotal year and beyond. Meanwhile, Ninorah, with incredible courage, returned to the workforce, ending an 18-year hiatus with a triumphant victory – she successfully aced her realtor course and proudly earned herself the title of a certified Realtor in the sun-soaked city of Miami.

But our story doesn’t stop there; it’s filled with exciting personal milestones too. As Ninorah’s children took their bold steps into adulthood, heading off to college, she found herself with newfound freedom to pursue her passions, including sharing her journey as an empty nester through her captivating blog on Medium (https://medium.com/@ninorah). Meanwhile, Bettina’s creative spirit flourished as she published the enchanting children’s book “35 Silly Stories Why” (https://a.co/d/4t2ec3p) and delved deeper into her passion for Iyengar Yoga.

These extraordinary experiences have not only shaped our individual lives but have also fueled our eagerness to return to podcasting, to share our laughter, our emotions, and our enduring love for storytelling with all of you. We’ve missed you all dearly, and we’re so excited to announce that we’re returning with brand new episodes! We can’t wait to inspire, entertain, and engage with you once again. So, mark your calendars because NRI Woman is coming back with an exhilarating wave of inspiration and heartfelt connection! Until then keep learning, keep inspiring and be kind.

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