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A girl’s faith: Karina Calver #27

Karina Calver is a survivor of incest. She shares her story of enduring rape and how she has turned her life around to become the woman she is today.

The silence that surrounds incest survivors can make them feel isolated, and Karina hopes by sharing her story others will know they are not alone.

Survivors are all around us, among our friends, at school, at work, places of worship and it’s likely we don’t know they are survivors. The taboo around the subject makes it hard for them to share their stories and for others to understand the impact this can have. Karina wants to bring the conversation out in the open where nothing is a taboo anymore so that victims do not need to be scared to speak their truth, fear seeming inadequate and not being an equal.

She wants others to know that they are capable of building a life of their choice filled with love, happiness and surrounded by people who are willing to help every step of the way.

She is our NRI Woman and this is her story!

Until next time keep learning, keep inspiring and be kind.

This episode contains discussion about rape and incest which some of our listeners may find distressing. Please be mindful of your surroundings when listening to it. If you need support please contact the helpline in your country.

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2 thoughts on “A girl’s faith: Karina Calver #27

  1. Amazing, amazing, amazing!! Loved every bit of this half hour session. The best podcast ever! Hats off to you Karina! You have lived up to your dadi’s expectation of being a strong woman. Keep that faith and continue empowering yourself to higher grounds.

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