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WeGo. WeDo. WeLive: Supna Shah #28

Unexplained Infertility. two words that provide hope and cause frustration in equal measure. Our guest today Supna Shah dealt with this for ten years before getting pregnant through IVF. While dealing with the infertility was distressing, the process of IUI and IVF was emotional, physically and financially exhausting.

Supna chats with us about her journey through infertility, the treatment, managing postpartum depression and now raising emotionally intelligent triplets Pranav, Pavani and Vraj.

She’s raising her children while managing a business of organic clothing line for children and a first parenting web-network, WeGo Kids.

She’s our NRI Woman and this is her story.

Until next time keep learning, keep inspiring and be kind!

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Email: supna@wego-kids.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/supna.shah.1

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