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Every family has a story: Aashna Mulgaonkar #017

For our season finale, we’re talking about a subject that is mainly Indian- Joint families, an arrangement where many generations bound by a common relationship live together in the same household. It’s common to see this kind of living arrangement in Indian families residing outside India as well. Some of us may have grown in one, and others married into one. Either way, it’s likely we know of someone who is part of a joint family.

Joining us in our conversation today is Aashna Mulgaonkar who was born and grew up in one of the largest joint families in India. At its peak, 150 members lived together in the same house – the Mhamai Kamat family in Goa.

The Mhamai Kamat family has a rich history dating back to the 17th century.

Aashna shares the story of her family, its history, how it grew to so many members and what it was like growing up with so many people around where one was never alone.

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