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We RISE by lifting others: Padmini Gupta #016

Our guest, Padmini Gupta, is an Oxford graduate, World Economic Forum Fellow and a social entrepreneur tackling a USD 5 billion industry in the Middle East.

She combines her passion for solving social issues with building an enterprise that is sustainable and profitable.

RISE, her fintech company, is her first foray as a social entrepreneur, and she hopes to change the lives of the 750,000 maids and nannies currently working in the UAE so they can upskill and plan for a better future for themselves.

Padmini shares her story of why she thinks the world needs more social entrepreneurs and how to raise the next generation more aware of the social circumstances around them.

“It was many years ago I met Elie Wiesel, the illustrious writer, and Nobel Laureate. I told him how he inspired me and how I wished to live his values. But today’s a day that made me realize I already am.

He once wrote “No human race is superior; no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgments are wrong. Only racists make them.”

Today was a day of many highs, of moms and dads sharing stories about how they had encouraged and helped their nannies move to their dream careers, and Nannies that were encouraged by my message and wished they had the courage to share it with their employers (some of whom called me in an angry fit and said my message had offended them.)

I work to empower the women who empower other women and men, to break down these barriers that we hold so dear. I work to keep racism, sexism, poverty away. I work for nannies, for maids, for drivers, for cooks, and I work for mothers who want to see their helpers grow. I work to break down these collective views of the angry women and to amplify the voices of the invisible, and those who support them. I work because I value humanity more than political correctness”. – Padmini Gupta


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