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Feng Shui: Samita Khanna #015

Feng Shui means wind and water and is a traditional Chinese concept linking the destiny of a man to his environment. Samita Khanna is a master consultant of Feng Shui with over twenty years of practice.

The fundamental principle is that energy known in China as “Chi” flows through one’s environment and all objects possess chi that can be used to bring luck, wealth and opportunity into one’s home or business environment. It’s believed the reverse is also true.

As an example, we’ve all had years where things move in the direction we want it to, everything is smooth and effortless, and then there are years where everything is a struggle. One needs to look back and see when did this start, was it when they moved to a new home or was it when space was redecorated. So many things could have contributed to one inadvertently fostering negative chi.

Samita has seen first hand how Feng Shui has transformed her life and she shares tips to help you get started to foster the right chi in your lives.

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Feng Shui Arabia Master Consultant
Email: samitakhanna@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samita.khanna

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