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Giving up your career for love: Clarissa & Swaty #002

In this episode, we interview two close friends. Clarissa Laabmayr from Salzburg, Austria and Swaty Rao from NJ, USA. Both talk to us about giving up their successful, well-established careers and moving for love.

For many marrying and moving away to a new country, city or even house is the norm. It’s readily accepted as that’s traditional – but is it that simple?

If you’re someone in this situation who’s about to move or debating whether you should relocate for love or not, this is the podcast for you. Both ladies talk about their move, how they settled into a new country and how life has turned out compared to their expectations. Nothing comes easy of course, but they’ve taken their struggles in their stride and are here to talk about it to our listeners. Hear their story now on NRI Woman Podcast and gain from their differing perspectives and experiences.

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