N.R.I. Woman

Introduction Episode: Bettina & Ninorah #001

Hello and welcome to the N.R.I. Woman – The show where you can listen to other women like you or me, share their experiences, possibly gain a perspective different from yours or even find a little something that resonates with you.

We are your hosts Bettina Tauro and Ninorah Brookshire. For those of you who don’t know what N.R.I. is – it stands for non-resident Indian a term used for Indians living abroad.

So why the podcast? – We chat every day as most friends do. Sometimes its gossip but mostly it’s about different topics, things that we find exciting and engaging. Be it our kids, the news the world. We have a page on Facebook – N.R.I. Woman where we currently post articles that we feel are helpful & meaningful to everyone. Sometimes we post light jokes, ask questions and answer queries etc. But we do know there’s more potential to this. So in the course of our conversations, we decided to take it up a notch, and N.R.I. Woman Podcast happened. Here we are, to do just that and more in our Podcasts, where we’ll discuss different topics and share with you stories of interesting N.R.I. women and their life experiences.

We hope you find our conversations of value. We would love it if you stayed with us through our journey of conversations.

Until next time keep learning, keep inspiring and be kind.

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